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Walter Luyks
Ternaarderwei 2
9141 TX Wierum
Tel. 0031519589781



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My name is Walter Luyks. I live in the Netherlands province of Friesland to the seawall. I make my creations under the name Glasschitteringen  (Glass glare).   


I am actually doing my whole life with its own design. Special glass fascinates me greatly Remarkable material, glass and hard yet fragile, seductive color and gloss and play with light. I'm actually in 2000 actually began in the form of flat glass and Lead Glass Tiffany and techniques. Several courses through the techniques to get under control. Partly because have received several orders. But the urge to express my own expression trek to me more and more. Experimenting with the colors and cutting forms of the glass material brings me in every time to create a new object of ecstasy. I started with Tiffany window pendants in free composition. So to play with color and form is a delicious experience. I have this method in Glass and Lead also applied for example. atmospheric lighting. Now I'm working with wall lights but then a combination of Tiffany and glass and lead technique in one.

These are designs with a past and a future, a tough finish with rugged elegant shapes with colored glass that form the basis of the designs. I make use of both technology, Tiffany and Stained Glass-Technique.

              Winter  Fantasy Geel 1  Fantasy Groen L Boom 1  Fantasy Groen 3b  Vrij impressie Blauw 6  Vrij impressie Geel 1


They are also designs that fit my personality. The idea for the designs resulting from up welling or fortuitous discoveries. My work gives not a statement but only an autonomous value. Form is the main thing. It is a distinct style. A design for me is a form of creative expression of emotion.

I would like to experience your opinion. This is possible in my guestbook or by mail.